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Z-Corp PR combines creative vision with hands-on experience to deliver brand management, media relations, editorial and crisis communications services.

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In the era of corporate social responsibility and 24-hour news cycles, managing the reputation of your organization has become more critical than ever. Twenty years ago there were less than a handful of ways for your target audience to communicate with you. Today, the multitude of two-way communications channels can make managing your corporate image difficult and getting your messaging heard above the noise near impossible.

These are the things that Z-Corp does for its clients daily.


Our Team

Ken  Zeszutko

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ken is a 20-year public relations veteran who combines strategic vision with hands-on experience across multiple industries. He is adept at providing results-driven content and media outreach initiatives; developing corporate/technology/product messaging; spearheading strategic issues/crisis communications; leading the development of marketing materials; and producing content. Ken has provided support to a variety of private, public and pre-IPO companies within the tech, healthcare, education, retail, commercial real estate and social services sectors.

Always up for a new challenge and providing services beyond traditional PR, Ken has a 100% success rate at obtaining GSA schedules for his clients. (He’s 2 for 2).

Steve Jones

Account Executive

Steve has a long background in corporate communications as both an award-winning writer and graphic designer. He’s worked in a broad range of industries, including technology, airlines, municipal government, construction and environmental.

His career has furnished him with a wealth of writing experience, from news writing to marketing communications. Over the years he has used his skills in website and graphic design to create corporate websites, brochures, collateral libraries, trade-show booths, and ads.

Chuck McClung

Account Executive

Before joining Z-Corp Chuck spent more than 30 years in journalism, working as a reporter and editor at Florida Today, Golf for Women magazine, and The Orlando Sentinel among other publications.

Our Clients

Zeszutko Corp.

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